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7 Accessible Bathroom Aids That Will Give You Greater Independence And Dignity

Tending to certain bathroom needs such as toileting, showering and bathing can be difficult if you have a disability or mobility impairments. However there are many accessible bathroom aids to give you comfort and support when carry out these personal tasks. Here we share seven accessible bathroom aids on the Disability Horizons Shop that will give you greater independence and dignity.

8 accessible products to help you enjoy arts and crafts if you have a disability

Arts and crafts are great educational resources, therapeutic tools and fun activities for all, no matter your age or ability. Not only does creating bright pictures or chunky jewellery give you or your children a chance to express yourselves independently, but it aids in promoting a healthy relationship with self-esteem. Here at Disability Horizons, we round up eight accessible products that could help you and your children enjoy arts and crafts if you have a disability. We also suggest some art sites, apps and programs for you to enjoy on your phone, tablet or computer, as well as some of the best disability art communities for you to join.

Celebrating Disability Equality And Inclusion | Disability Stickers & T-Shirts

Here at Disability Horizons, we are all about celebrating disability equality and inclusion and giving you a voice. We have our exclusive articles written by our community of disabled writers and our fortnightly online talk show, Disability Horizons TV, in which we discuss and debate the latest disability topics. As well as all that, we have our Disability Horizons Shop, which sells a wide range of stylish, practical and accessible products for everyday living. But our online store also wants to support disability equality and inclusion too with its new range of Lettering Works disability stickers and Disability Horizons T-shirts.

Mel Halacre | Founder Of Wellbeing Programme Spokz People

Mel Halacre is an integrative counsellor specialising in disability and trauma, which means that she draws on different theories to support her clients. Along with her partner Steve, who is physically disabled, she created Spokz People, a mental health service for disabled people and their families. Today, she is launching the new Spoke Wellbeing Community and Programme to give more disabled people access to low-cost mental health services.

More than 50% of disability hate crime victims have experienced direct verbal abuse

A survey conducted by Disability Horizons and charity Leonard Cheshire has found that more than half of disabled people have had verbal abuse directed at them in public, with 14% experiencing online hate crime. In the past five years, 61% of the disabled people we spoke to have experienced hate crime in the UK, with 44% experiencing it more than once but less than five times.

8 Accessible & Functional Products For Back To School

Now disabled children and teenagers are heading back to school following the summer break, it’s time to make sure they have all the best clothing, storage, gadgets, tools and activities to make their education as accessible and inclusive as possible. Here at Disability Horizons, we round up eight accessible and functional products for disabled children heading back to school, all available on the Disability Horizons Shop.

8 Kitchen Aids For Disabled People

Being able to cook a meal, serve snacks and beverages or eat and drink independently can have its challenges when you have a disability. However, with the right kitchen aids for disabled people, you can easily host your own dinner party, whip up a meal for the family or simply find the independence to feed yourself. Here at Disability Horizons, we round up eight kitchen aids for disabled people, which includes easy-to-use cutlery sets, one-handed trays, a hot plate carrier and a multi-purpose opener, all of which can be purchased on the Disability Horizons Shop.

5 Products To Help Manage Fatigue And Chronic Illness

Fatigue is a feeling of constant tiredness or weakness and can be physical, mental or a combination of both. It can occur in many chronic illnesses including myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) and multiple sclerosis (MS). In the past year, it has also been seen as one of 200 symptoms relating to long Covid. Here at Disability Horizons, we have rounded up five useful products to help people with fatigue pace themselves and maintain hydration, hygiene and energy levels in their day-to-day lives.

Exercise Equipment For Disabled People | Disability Sports Equipment

Getting into exercise as a disabled person can seem like an additional challenge. Not only do we have to find time to fit it in amongst our busy schedules and working life, but not all equipment, leisure facilities or sports are accessible. Here at Disability Horizons, we want to help you find easy ways to access and enjoy fitness and exercise, whether at home or in a gym, so we have rounded up five useful fitness aids available on the Disability Horizons Shop.

10 accessible attractions across Europe

Europe is a great option for an accessible holiday. It is a fascinating continent, full of history, culture and leisure activities. In many European cities, there is a wide range of accessible attractions, such as museums, ancient buildings, beaches, viewing platforms, churches, castles and much more. Here, Strive Mobility, which rents disability aids and equipment, lists the 10 accessible attractions across Europe for you to explore on your next adventure...

Report: audio description missing from three-quarters of Netflix content

Research has found more than 75% of TV series and films on the streaming service Netflix has no audio description available, potentially impacting two million people in the UK who are visually impaired or registered blind. The study conducted by Lenstore found that only 25.4% of Netflix’s content provided audio description. It also compared audio description on Disney+, which was found to have audio description available on 62.6% of its films and TV shows.
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